Transplants and Evolution

The successful kidney transplant from a pig to a human was recently announced. Beyond the success of science that this can show, it remains to consider what are the consequences of organs replacement in humans. From the ‘mechanical’ point of view it may work, but from the evolutionary aspect of the person, can this be affected?

Through the centuries we have been advancing in knowledge, at times aware of it, or as it has happened in recent years, with changes so rapid that we are incorporating them without realizing or knowing where they come from or what consequences they may bring.

In the book on Astrology in the 21st Century, talks about how organ replacement and implants of intelligent prostheses have an impact on astrology, which need to be discussed and understood. This topic was included in the book since each person and its organs in consequence, have unique cycles through life, and by inserting an organ coming from a different subject will have a different cycle. The question to ask is, how these two cycles will interact?

It has been known for a long time that the person who receives the organ takes certain peculiarities of the donor. From the point of view of astrology, the first question that arose was to understand if the transplanted organ continued to function based on the cycles of the donor, since this would be different based on the natal chart of the recipient. This point was presented as a point of discussion.

There is new information regarding the functioning of the human body, which explains how a cell works based on interaction with the environment. Dr. Bruce Lipton, through his extensive experience working with stem cells since the 80’s, when explaining how each cell functions, helps to understand how astrology works in regards of its energy cycles analysis.

In general, when something cannot be proven or not have been investigated by science, it is defined as ‘esoteric’ or ‘pseudo-science’. The first thing that comes to mind is how science disqualified those who were investigating weather patterns in the mid-1800s, because according to mainstream science of the time, it was something impossible to predict. Today we even have a television channel related only to that topic.
With the advancement of technology, we have increased our knowledge of the human body and the energy fields in which we are immersed. Little by little things unknown until now, are being explained and this knowledge provides the opportunity to expand our vision in relation to what and how we are and function.

In the process of new discoveries, astrology not only reinforces itself as a millenary science, but also demonstrates the incredible knowledge that it contains, and we are just beginning to understand its operation.

Cells have an electric charge. They work like rechargeable batteries which are charged under a process known as the Krebs Cycle. Cells are also known to have “receptors” which capture information from the energy field that surrounds them. This energy field covers and connects everything with everything. As stated in Chronobiology, the human body is influenced by the energies of the time during the day and relates also to the moon and the sun status. Besides Chronobiology there are well known the effects of the moon in the hormonal cycle of women, rivers, and oceans tides, planting and harvesting in agriculture, just to mention the best known.
It is worth noting that we are under the influence of the heavenly bodies as part of our environment.

In a video by Dr. Lipton (which was available in YouTube in 2019 and is now private), is interesting to hear the case of a girl who received a heart transplant and its consequences. The girl had a very real and recurring dream in which she was murdered. After inquiries with the doctor who treated her given her special situation, they discover that the donor of the heart came from someone that was murdered.
By the information provided to the police based on the girl’s dreams, they managed to arrest the person who had committed the crime.

The only possible explanation for this case is that the transplanted heart had the information and was somehow transmitted to the girl’s brain when she was in a state of rest.
In this case, there is no doubt that the heart had and continued to function based on the information of the donor.
In the book Change of Heart by Claire Sylvia and William Novak published in London in 1998, relates to cases of people who had heart transplants. In most of the cases, recipients took characteristics of the donor which differ much from their previous behavior.

If the person survives the transplant, it could be speculated that over time, new experiences would be added to the pre-existing information. But what about the original energy cycles of the heart? Would they be modified and coupled with the energetic cycles of the transplanted person, or would it be a combination of the old and the new cycles?

By the same process that occurred where the ‘information’ of the transplanted heart was processed in the girl’s brain, in the same way the planetary aspects reach the person and processed by the cell’s receptors, which then get transmitted to the brain, bringing this energy to the conscious level.

Our natal chart acts as a filter by which the information coming from the energy field (frequency) of which we are part, transforms it and gets manifested.

It should be clear that we are talking about the basic mechanical functioning of astrology, and is not deterministic, since there are different degrees of consciousness which are personal and depends on the development achieved by each one. There is only the energy mechanistic process which gets validated by what was mentioned before.

The evolutionary degree undoubtedly modifies the ‘cell receptors’ in our body  and that makes the difference between one person and another. A monk meditating in freezing temperatures without any physical consequences, could end up in pneumonia in a less evolved person under the same weather conditions.

If we see that we are frequently “victims” of the planetary aspects, it is most likely that we need to pay more attention to our evolutionary process.

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