Blade Runner – Solar Eclipse June 10th 2021

In the movie Blade Runner 2049, besides mentioning the EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) event called the ‘Blackout’ in 2022 which destroyed almost every digital file, something else that caught my attention was the date of June 10th, 2021. That was supposed to be the date when the first baby was born between a human and a Replicant.
On that date, we will have a Solar Eclipse, and it will be seen from parts of North America, Europe and Asia.
Since the movie is based in the US, the following analysis of the eclipse is between the Solar eclipse and the US natal chart.

The movie presents a dystopian society, not much different to what is happening now because of the virus, the economy and the rest. In the movie the ruling powers are trying to cover certain ‘truth’ from coming to light, because if it happens, it will challenge current ‘law and order’. Any similarity with the current situation is just a coincidence.

Analyzing the US natal chart and the Solar eclipse, there are several aspects that come to light that need to be mentioned.

The Solar eclipse happens at 19 degrees of the sign of Geminis with the following aspects
The Sun and the Moon making a conjunction to natal Mars in the US chart, which is at 21 degrees.

Within the eclipse the following aspects are active:
Sun and Moon square Neptune
Mercury square Neptune
Saturn square Uranus
Mars opposition Pluto

The aspects between the Solar eclipse and US natal chart are the following:
Sun and Moon square US Neptune
Mars opposition US Pluto

Hard Planetary Transits active in the US charts:
Neptune opposition Neptune
Neptune square Mars
Pluto conjunct Pluto

The Solar eclipse generates an external energy which is represented by actions which are related to the houses and planets in the aspects.

The Solar eclipse occurs on House VII of partnerships and associations, which can indicate strong actions put in motion regarding other friendly countries to the US. Mars rules fire, war, power and is associated to the armed forces. That aspect by itself can indicate that the US goes in support of another country, but by the other aspects present, can indicate a mayor involvement than just aide.
Within the eclipse, Mars is in opposition to Pluto, which can indicate an armed conflict that materializes within 6 months of the eclipse. Also, Mars is in opposition to US natal Pluto, and can indicate that the US can be the victim of an attack.

Since the Sun and the Moon in the Solar eclipse are square to US natal Neptune, there is the possibility for the country to fall into a trap set by others, or that is deceived by other countries actions.

The US has in transit Neptune in House III (Neighbors, Communication) in opposition to natal Neptune in House IX (Other countries, Law, High Ideals), and Neptune squares Mars in House VII (Partnerships), all the previous mentioned scenarios get enhanced.

These energies are active during the next 6 months after the eclipse. The report made for the US Presidential Inauguration talks about the possibility of internal military problems within the US as well as with other countries, and this is valid for the entire 4 years of the presidency. The presence of thousands of armed soldiers in Washington DC speaks clearly that the government is managing the possibility of some problem. What is not clear to the public is the source of the problem, but by taking such drastic measures, there is no doubt that the danger of an attack to the central government is real.

Is a possibility that the date mentioned on the movie Blade Runner is just a coincidence, but by the theme of the movie and current world situation makes you wonder.
As always, one would like to be wrong on this type of evaluation, and we hope for the best outcome. Nevertheless, is not a bad idea to be prepared just in case.

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