The second half of 2020

Having survive the first part of 2020, lets give a look at what to expect for the rest of the year.
We spoke in several previous articles about the eclipse of January 10th, the Saturn and Pluto conjunction, Mars in Capricorn and in the summary January-April, we described how the energy of the different planetary aspects were manifested.
This is part of a process that started, but by no means it is finished. This is work in progress (WIP).

Since we are going to mention planets that are going to be retrograde, for those not familiar with the term, please read the article in the link at the end of the page.

Things to consider for the rest of the year:

Planets retrograde:

– Pluto in Capricorn on April 25th until October 3rd.
– Saturn in Aquarius on May 11th until September 28th (On July 2nd enters Capricorn until December 18th when it enters Aquarius again)
– Jupiter in Capricorn on May 14th until September 12th.
– Mars in Aries on September 9th until November 13th.
– Venus in Gemini on May 13th until June 24th.
– Mercury in Cancer on June 18th until July 11th.


Lunar Eclipse Jun 5 15° Sag 42′
Solar Eclipse Jun 20/21 00° Can 21′
Lunar Eclipse Jul 4 13° Cap 30′
Lunar Eclipse Nov 30 08° Gem 45′
Solar Eclipse Dec 14 23° Sag 07′

The Lunar eclipse of June 5th has the following aspects:

T-square between the Sun, Moon and Mars, Neptune and Venus in opposition to the Moon.

Venus is retrograde during the eclipse and by itself it does not generate significant energy to do a report just on that, even if has some financial implications, but by been square to Neptune and Mars, things take another dimension.

Neptune is creativity, connection to the higher source, illumination, but also it can be deception, uncertainty and underhanded dealings. Mars which is in conjunction represents power, fire and armed forces. These two energies don’t go well with each other.

Under the current global situation, the energy of this eclipse can be summarized by affecting the following areas: Finance (Venus), Health (Neptune), and Social Unrest (Mars).

The Lunar eclipse impacts the mood of people, which activates internal processes, that can later be manifested in actions. This effect can last up to six months.

We already see some protests around the world related to the stay-in-place orders issued by governments. At this point people are realizing that, either you will be impacted by the virus, or by the financial situation, not to mention the mental health.

There is the perception of deception in the air, given by Neptune, and people are not sure of what it is, by they don’t buy the government and media predicament.

People’s mood could be represented by social unrest, but because Mars presence, there could be a forceful response from the authorities.

In summary this eclipse is talking about a period when people moods are heavily impacted by the current situation.

The Solar eclipse of June 20th/21st.

As a solar eclipse, this energy manifests as external events. During this solar eclipse Mars and Neptune wich are in conjunction under 5 degrees, are in square to the Sun and the Moon.

Venus is not part of this eclipse, but is still in retrograde mode.

As we can see, following the Lunar eclipse of June 5th, Mars and Neptune are active in this eclipse, representing the externalization of certain energy, generated by the Lunar eclipse.

We can expect a period of turmoil, protests and repression around the globe.

The Lunar eclipses of July and November don’t have much to detail in particular, but just remember that we are going to be under the influence of the previous eclipses until the end of 2020.

The Solar eclipse of December 14th probably summarizes the year 2020 and what to expect in 2021.

Mercury will be in conjunction with the Sun and the Moon and with a good aspect to Mars, but with a bad aspect to Neptune.

Mercury will put on the table areas like commerce, travel and communication. So we can expect news related to that. Most probably new guidelines for travel will be available, and governments will be taking measures in order to improve local and global commerce.

The square with Neptune denotes that still things will not be clear regarding the virus, there could be conflicting reports saying one things first, and then changing to something different later. Talks about a vaccine, a cure or treatment, and people will have to deal with virus fatigue, but there will not be a final answer to the problem.

The periods of retrograde planets mention at the beginning of the article, represents periods when things are revisited. When a planet is retrograde, denotes an energy of revision in aspects related to the planet.

This is not a period to go forward or for materializing things, but more for planning and looking for faults or gaps in the plan.

We are arriving to the middle of 2020 with more questions than answers.

During the second part of the year, people will ask governments and global institutions for answers, and according to the planetary energies, these answers will not be provided. People will make governments and global institutions responsible for their situation.

As it was mentioned on our posting from August 2019, this is a period for “global institutional crisis”. Things will have to change. Because for what happened with the handling of the pandemic, from the forecast of number of cases, projections made by renowned institutions and government responses,it is clear that countries and global structures, are not organized, prepared or managed, to the level of what they suppose to be. If this was a test, they did not pass, and people are aware of that.

At a global scale, is going to be a before and after of 2020, no doubt about that.

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