Summary for January – April 2020

On January 24th we posted an article mentioning the energies active during the first 6 months of the year, but it was more pointing to the period January-April (a).
Everything started with the lunar eclipse of January 10th, following by the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto, and Mars entering the sign of Capricorn, having a conjunction with both Saturn and Pluto during its transit.
Adding Uranus transiting the sign of Taurus, all these aspects generate energies that as we can see, they have the entirely world on a stand still.

The current pandemic was mentioned on the posting done in January 27th (when no one was mentioning a pandemic), because of the similar astrological aspects with the pandemic of the Spanish Flu in 1918 (b).

Here a summary of the world situation and the related astrological aspects.

1. Food
There is locust plague (1) that is devastating large parts of Africa, is reaching Pakistan and possible will extend to neighboring countries.

The conditions of ‘stay in place’ or ‘quarantine’ determined by the different governments worldwide, are affecting the farms everywhere, since seasonal people moving from one country to another for the harvesting of vegetable and fruit production, are not allowed to travel. In different European countries, the government are opening list for recruiting people, even without farming experience, to be place in farm’s jobs for replacing missing foreign workers.

Distribution of food production is been impacted by the reduction of available transportation.
By April, people are not more surprise when going to the grocery store and finding empty shelfs or missing items, as well as some prices higher than regular.

From the astrological point of view, the participation of Ceres (2) in January’s eclipse is the explanation of what is happening. Since the energy generated by the eclipse can be active for 6 months, we can expect this situation to continue for an additional couple of months. Since the production chain was so greatly impacted, it will take additional time to get back to a situation similar to what we had in the pass, and most probably, things will not be the same.

2. Pandemic
From the astrological point of view, the aspects of 2020 were much worse that the ones of the Spanish Flu in 1918. The world was a different place back in the early 1900’s compare to what we have today. Air travel brings a new paradigm that it was not present before. Almost every country where they add the virus present, can relate to a person either, that come from China or was in contact to someone that travel there.
The Spanish Flu even if it had a month were the pick was reached; it took more that year and half to disappear. We can not expect to be clear of the virus in the short term, so prepare yourself mentally, physically and spiritually.

3. Global Social Conditions
When we posted back in August 2019 the article related to ‘Global Institutional Crisis’ for 2020 (3), we were addressing the social unrest, that was manifesting in different countries around the world, like France, Honk Kong, different countries in South America as well as in other parts in the middle east and Indonesia. The different crisis were seen with the possible merge of different problems in each country, converging as one at a global scale against the ruling class.
Everything change in January first with China government putting millions of people in quarantine, followed by Italy, Spain and the rest of the countries because of the pandemic.
Even if all the demonstrations against government stopped because of the order to stay in place, it was clear that global institutions like WHO, did not respond in accordance to the circumstances, as well as all the health systems in each country. The sanitary systems were overran, stopping any service other than patients related to the virus and emergencies. The solution from the governments was, stay in your house. If this situation does not make people realize of the fragility of the global health systems, besides the trillion of dollars spent every year, I don’t know what will.
The mortality rate of the virus is one, and any country that is reporting different number, is not telling the truth.
We will see what will happen once the pandemic is over; but it should prompt governments to change their approach to everything. The people demonstration that were silence by the pandemic could come back much worse than before with unimaginable consequences.
The seed for a change was set by the astrological aspects already mentioned in the articles. If they are ignore, like any aspect that triggers a change and is not done, ends up bad. You don’t negotiate with energies like Pluto and Saturn.

4. Financial Situation
In the posting of December 2019 related to the economy in the US for 2020 (4), we were comparing the astrological aspects between 2002 and 2020. During 2002, the stock lost more than 30% of its value between the months of July and November, comparing the high during the month of March. We were expecting similar downturn for 2020, which already happened during the month of March.
From the astrological point of view, the conditions for the crash were present, but hard to predict the cause. Like with the other topics mentioned on the article, is hard to envision a normal trend of stocks for the future given present global conditions. We can expect also in the financial sector something completely different to what we had in the last 100 years. Pluto’s energy, like the Phoenix Bird, that goes up in flames and is reborn, creates a new one not as it was before. Something new is coming.

5. Armed Forces and Conflicts with Other Countries
We posted an article related to Mars transiting Capricorn and the US (5). In the article, we mentioned how this energy was manifested during the previous transits and the possibility to a military conflict involving the US. As with similar transits the US either took action against other government, either military or by others actions.
On March 26th, when the new moon cycle started, US indicts Maduro president of Venezuela with narco-terrorism charges.
During 2020, the other aspects of Saturn and Pluto are similar to the ones present during the Gulf War in 1991. Besides the indictment, the US as an armada outside Venezuela with additional ships from UK and France.
Even if there is no military action at this moment, we can add these transits as materialized to the existing previous Mars-Saturn-Pluto list.
This situation is far from over, and the pandemic could be a delaying factor of a military action.

In summary, it is clear how an astrological analysis can forecast every type of event. The planets, and signs and aspects are merely pointing out the energies active for a given period. How this energy could materialize is hard to predict, because everything will depend of the actions taken during these periods. We need to keep in mind that when things happen there is a reason behind. The universe is too perfect to make mistakes, it was there before us and it will be there is we are extinct. Therefore, we better get our ducks in a row, and start thinking what world we want for the rest of our lives and for our children. At this moment, we have plenty time to think about it. Oh, and don’t even think that things will get back to how they were before, they are not.
Let see how we can make the best from the ashes of Pluto.

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