The Human Body and the Pandemic

We are reproducing information from the book The Astrology in the 21st Century in relation to the current pandemic.
Our body is composed of over 70% water and the rest by different minerals and other components. Our body works based on a low voltage of electric current. Dr. Jerry Tennant from Texas, made studies in relation to what happens to the body when the electric current is somehow disrupted in the body. His work allow us to understand better the construction of our body as well as its functions.
To comprehend what happens when we get sick, first we need to know the different frequencies under which the cells and other organisms as fungus, bacteria and viruses operate.

As a quick explanation on what Dr. Tennant studies found, we can say the following:

Energy is produced in the mitochondria in our cells , that act as rechargeable batteries where ADP (adenosine diphosphate) without charge, is transformed into ATP (adenosine triphosphate) loaded through a process called Krebs cycle. A molecule of fat normally produces 48 ATPs, but it will produce only two ATPs if there is a lack of oxygen, and consequently, one feels tired and listless.
The ATP is the rechargeable battery used in enzymatic functions. We must also bear in mind that, when cells are in a low oxygen environment, bacteria or viruses that enter our body as well as microbes that are in the body wake up, and begin to produce digestive enzymes that feed on nearby cells. Moreover, Mycotoxins can affect other parts of the body once they enter the circulatory system. This occurs at any time that the voltage in the cell is low.
The effects of the low flow of electricity include:

– Chronic pain
– Lack of oxygen
– Metabolic inefficiency
– The growth of viruses, bacteria, yeast, and fungi

As we can see, an imbalance in the electrical charge of each cell can lead to transient problems or chronic diseases, but the most important thing to highlight at this point are the causes that can determine this electrical change in the cells.

If we understand how the human body works, we can appreciate how a medication works. Any medication that we take, either pharmacological or natural, works in the body with the objective of balancing a part that is malfunctioning due to some imbalance. As mentioned in relation to the process of ATP’s generation, if the corresponding energy is not generated because of a malfunctioning, this will lead to illness. When taking medication, it will produce a chemical process in the body which will interfere with the malfunction, and bring our body to its normal state, by elevating the frequency of the cells increasing their production of ATPs.

In other words, medication is a tool that acts on a certain malfunction in the body in order to restore balance. This works in a way similar to our daily interactions in our home or with our things. We use soaps and innumerable amounts of cleaning fluids on a daily basis, which produce a chemical reaction that can remove dirt, bacteria and others from our clothes, pots, floors, and so on.

There are hundreds of thousands of cleaning products for the home, in the same way that there are hundreds of thousands of medicines on the market, all work base on chemical reactions. The operating mechanisms are similar, but the complexity of their action depends on the components involved.
Today, we know that healthy cells in the human body vibrate between 50 and 1500-Hertz range, corresponding to the wavelengths between 6200 and 7000 Angstrom. The viruses that can produce diseases vibrate in the wavelength range below 5500 Angstrom.

For example, the Koch’s bacillus of tuberculosis vibrates at 5500 Angstrom, and cancer vibrates at 4000 Angstrom.
At this point, it is worth noting that a low level of vibration in cells represents a disease.

When a cell lower its vibration, can be overtaken by other organisms like fungus, bacteria and virus, which are of lower vibration, and they can multiply overtaking the rest of the cells, that get weaker by the surrounding lower frequency vibration’s environment.
Although it may seem that this information has nothing to do with astrology, by our article related to Coronavirus 2020 – Spanish Flu 1918 (2nd part) from February, has an explanation of the human body and its relationship with signs and planets.

Our moods affect our vibrational state, and this is reflected in our entire body. One way to remain healthy during this pandemic is by exercising our mood control, and try to be aligned in our energy level.

After middle of April, the planetary aspects will recede from the negative energy that we been immerse since beginning of January, due to January’s eclipse, Saturn conjunct Pluto. Mars entering Capricorn and later conjunct first Pluto and at this moment, Saturn.
In April Jupiter can be a breath of fresh air, not for cleaning up everything, but at least for lending a helping hand.

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