The U.S. and Mars in Capricorn

Mars is the planet identified with fire, iron, and armed forces just to mention few.
When Mars transits the sign of Capricorn, which happens with intervals of around two years, it creates certain aspects with planets in the US natal chart, and consequently, energy is created that could be manifested in confrontations, military interventions or government actions, which are ruled by Capricorn and Saturn.

Here the planetary aspects that US has when Mars in transiting the sign of Capricorn.
Mars in transit opposition US natal Sun (the Sun represents the country and how it is seen)
Mars in transit square US natal Saturn (Saturn rules government, structures, and responsibilities)

The opposition between Mars and the natal Sun represents tension within the country. The air is charged with nervous energy, alter egos, confrontations and discussions, and is when discussions get out of hand.

The square represent tension, not an easy energy to manage, that if is not managed carefully, it could cause damage to self or others. In case of Mars square Saturn, creates an additional energy to the previous one, which is not positive.

Lets name some events that happened in the recent past when similar aspects were present

U.S. imposes new sanctions on Russia

President Obama Orders More Troops to Syria to Fight ISIS

US strikes Syria’s military installations with missiles

In 2020, the same Mars aspects will be present, but in addition, we have Saturn and Pluto transiting Capricorn, and Mars is going to have conjunctions in transit with them as in 2018. These same aspects involving the three planets were not present before 2018.

The US will be under the following aspects

February 17 – Mars enters sign of Capricorn
February 23 – Saturn exact conjunction with Natal US Pluto (same aspect on January 1991 – Gulf War)
March 8 – Mars enters conjunction shadow with Pluto
March 15 – Mars enters conjunction shadow with Saturn
March 22 – Mars exact conjunction with Pluto
March 31 – Mars exact conjunction with Saturn
April 7 – Mars end conjunction shadow with Pluto
April 15 – Mars end conjunction shadow with Saturn

There are historical events coinciding with Mars and Saturn astrological aspects, but in addition, in 2020, we have other energies active that could trigger some significant event. Pluto rules dramatic and transforming changes and is associated with nuclear energy, and Saturn is in conjunction with Pluto as it happened before in 1991.

On January 10, 2020 there was a lunar eclipse with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto and the asteroid Ceres in the mix. There was not a similar eclipse between the signs of Capricorn and Cancer, with these planets present in modern history. The transformation power of this eclipse does not have a precedent under current global structure. The energy of this eclipse will be present until at least July this year.

We will transit a critical period starting middle of February and during the month of March. We will have to see how events will unfold, but be prepare for a surprise. It could be related to CoVid2019 or not, but we do not have to disregard some significant military event during this period.

Whatever happens, it will have an impact on everyone with a transforming quality.

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