Coronavirus 2020 – Spanish Flu 1918 (2nd part)

In the previous article, we mentioned the similarity of the moon eclipse that occurred on June 24, 1918 with the one on January 10, 2020, in relation to the 1918’s pandemic and the possibility that something similar happening in the coming months.
For those who are not familiar with astrology, or who simply know astrology for the zodiacal signs or the natal chart, we have to mention the relationship between the human body with the astrological signs and planets. There is a relationship or interchange of energy between certain aspects or celestial events and the human body, in this case the eclipses, which we will explain in this article.

The knowledge of the relationship between the human body and the zodiacal sings and planets comes from millennia’s ago, and even if some people may consider this knowledge quackery, not many people know that Dr. H.L. Cornell edited in 1933 the, “Encyclopaedia of Medical Astrology”, which details the relationship of each medical term with astrology. Moreover, Hippocrates known as the “father of medicine” said that, “the doctor who did not know about astrology, was not a complete doctor”.
We have to take into consideration that doctors in Asia and the Middle East were much more advanced in knowledge and techniques on the human body than ancient Europe, since the Catholic Church forbade the opening of the human body to study it, while for Asian and Middle Eastern countries this was a usual practice.
From the study of the interior of the human body and its organs, the relationship between the different parts and functions were identified with zodiac signs and planets.

For astrology, the head is identified with the sign of Aries and the zodiacal signs go downward on the human body until reaching the feet with the sign of Pisces. For illustrative purposes only, before using the Gregorian calendar, the solar year began with the spring solstice in the northern hemisphere, which is identified with the sign of Aries coincidentally.

In relation to the 1918 pandemic, as mentioned in the previous article, the lunar eclipse of June 24, 1918 happened between the signs of Capricorn, where the Moon was located, and the sign of Cancer where the Sun and Pluto were. Mercury a few degrees apart in the sign of Gemini, also entered into the aspect.

The sign of Cancer has to do with the lungs, bust, chest, breasts, ribs, cartilage, diaphragm, stomach, liver, epigastric region and the entire mucosa in the body. It is identified with the mother and mother earth, which is governed by the Moon.
The sign of Capricorn has to do with the skeleton, bones (specifically knees), teeth, molars, cartilage, skin, nails, hair, gallbladder and the upper part of the face. In another aspect, it has to do with structures, organizations and governments.

Pluto is the lord of the underworld; it is death and resurrection, not in the physical form but in the great processes of transformation from one thing to another. It is the death of one stage for the beginning of another one. In the case of a pandemic, the mass death of people can be the method for reevaluating and changing certain social aspects.
The Sun is the exteriorization and materialization of things, while the Moon manages the internal processes, the subconscious and the liquids and fluids.

The interpretation we can make of the eclipse of June 1918, is that the energies between Cancer and Capricorn were activated which, by having Pluto in the mix, generated the conditions for a general sickness, in this case a lung disease, manifested by a virulent flu. Individual and/or social hygiene processes or lack thereof probably did the rest. By Mercury being also present in the eclipse, affected trade and travel in general.

There is no doubt that a pandemic of such magnitude makes rethink many aspects in governments and in society as a whole. Let us keep in mind that at the time of the pandemic in 1918, there were no commercial flights, so the transfer of people between continents was done by ship, but this seems not to prevent the virus from spreading throughout the world.

The issue that concerns us today about the coronavirus has astrological similarities with 1918.

The eclipse of the Moon that occurred on January 10 also includes the signs of Capricorn and Cancer, this time the Moon in the sign of Cancer and on the side of Capricorn nothing less than the Sun, Mercury, Ceres, Saturn and Pluto.

If we compare the two eclipses, the one that occurred on January 10 is much more powerful than the one in 1918. Not only was Saturn added to the equation, but also the asteroid Ceres. For more details on the eclipse and Ceres you can consult the previous articles.

Neptune has to do with water and situations that are not easy to understand or are unclear, such as what kind of mutation the virus is or where it came from. Neptune transiting the sign of Pisces provides an additional uncertainty ingredient that does not help at all in the definition and forecast of the current situation. Are the official numbers correct? Are there more deaths associated to what is informed? There is doubt in the air.

Although today we have better tools to face a pandemic, the magnitude of global commerce and tourism make it more difficult to control the movement of people. You can lackdown cities within a limit. With 14 days incubation period, those who have the virus in a state of incubation may not show any symptoms, possibly spreading it without knowing it.

In the next two months, we will have the answer if the situation improves or worsens. In 1918, the worldwide pandemic peak during the months of October and November, three months after the eclipse. What happens during this March/April period will have the answer this time around.

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