January – April 2020

As mentioned in previous articles, on the eclipse of January 10th and the conjunction of Saturn with Pluto on the 13th, not only that something similar had not happened for hundreds of years, but will not be repeated in the future by another few centuries.
Some might expected events in those days, which could have happened, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way.

Let’s put things into perspective and in terms that anyone can understand. When we get sick, affected by a virus or any other ailment in our body, we only realize we are sick when the symptoms are serious or are affecting us in our normal functioning. However, that condition that made us go to the doctor is the critical point of a process that began sometime before. We can mention the most common term used for a flu as the incubation period, for example. Most of the time it becomes difficult to understand when the process that led to illness started.

Returning to astrology, the aforementioned articles related to the beginning of a process that could last up to six months for manifesting their effects. With regard to this, it can be said that it will depend on the actions of the different parties involved in the process, for the consequences to diminished or be magnified. Remember that at a global scale, there is not much that we can do regarding the actions taken by governments, the ruling classes of the different areas and organizations, and depending on their actions, situations can be solved or made worse. At the personal level we have more control.
The firewood can be dry and ready to ignite (lets called energy present), but unless it is not set on fire (lets call it the action), this will not have any consequences, it will remain only firewood. Similar things happens with the planetary energies, they don’t materialize unless there is an action vehicle.

Things are much more complex than mentioned, but we speak in metaphors to understand and highlight, that we are all responsible for our actions and the consequences they entail.
It is clear from the above, that the recent energies generated by the eclipse and conjunction are active. We are talking both at the personal level as well as globally.
Let’s briefly review the energies that are active and what they represent on a personal and a global level.

The sign of Capricorn can be identified with leadership, power structures, social status represented by the 10th house, and on a personal level, it relates to the knees in the human body. The sign of Capricorn is governed by Saturn.
When a planet transits the sign that governs, it is said that it is in its house, it is at ease, and aligns its energy and the characteristics of the sign and the house. Saturn from the energy point of view is responsibility, heavy load, seriousness; it shows the real side of things. Show things as they are, it does not sugar coat them or make them look prettier of what they really are.
Pluto on the other hand, who was known as the lord of the underworld, or the phoenix bird, is the planet of transformation through destruction and reconstruction. Pluto does not destroy things per se, but it destroys what is corrupted, rotten, that has no life purpose. Pluto along with Mars govern the sign of Scorpio. The sign of Scorpio is related to house 8th, which has to do with debts, shared resources, inheritances, the stock market, insurance, taxes, sex and death.
The topics covered by the 8th house are very broad, and several of them can be related to government actions such as the payment of debts, money creation, taxes, insurance and the stock market, since regulates and create administrative acts in those subjects.
In any person apart from these topics, it relates to the sexual organs, bladder and rectum.

With the conjunction that happened on January 13th, which had already been manifesting for months, and will continue in months to come. It would not be unusual for people to have problems with their knees (due to Capricorn) or related to sex, bladder or rectum, if in the natal chart makes aspects with natal planets and the 6th house of health.
At a global level, we can see on the news what is taking place in countries such as France, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, United Kingdom just to mention a few, where the population rises against the ruling class or power structures. The complains are mainly related to the rise in taxes, tariffs or changes in contributions or retirement age, among others.

It is not necessary to look too far to understand that the energies of Saturn and Pluto are very active at the time of writing this article. But this is not all, the eclipse generated in addition energy that included Mercury and the asteroid Ceres, which adds to the aforementioned issues, areas like trade, communication and travel (Mercury) and food and land products (Ceres).

The reason for this article is to mention an additional topic to the eclipse and Pluto and Saturn’s conjunction, for which we already had a premier the first days of January. It relates to Mars’s energy.
The exchanged attacks between the United States and Iran was something that took everyone by surprise and most thought of the possibility of the third world war. Let’s not forget that a month ago Iran participated in military exercises together with Russia and China.
The interesting thing about this is that as quickly as the subject emerged, it disappeared.

On Monday, February 17th, Mars will enter the sign of Capricorn. Mars is known as the warrior, is associated with fire, weapons, force, and it governs the signs of Scorpio and Aries. By its characteristics, it represents the armed forces and war. In the person, it is represented with the head in addition to what has already been mentioned with Scorpio.

When Mars enters Capricorn, it adds its energy to the mentioned topics. Mars will advance in Capricorn until it conjuncts at 0 degree with Pluto on March 23th. This exact conjunction will start to be active on March 8th when it will enter the 10 degrees range, and it will be active until April 9th when will exit the conjunction by going over 10 degrees from Pluto. Therefore, the total lapse of the conjunction goes from March 23rd until April 9th.
On March 24th will be a New Moon at 29 degrees of Pisces (water sign), which reinforces the Pluto-Mars conjunction in the new lunar cycle.

What can you expect from Mars in Capricorn and its conjunction with Pluto? From the point of view of governments, repressive actions against the population, as well as conflicts regarding the resolution of debt payments, tax problems, with pension’s payments and regulation as well as military action against other countries.
Mars generates a very powerful energy, associated with fire and being in an earth sign like Capricorn, and with Pluto associated with water, we need to mention the possible activation of volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis.

Just as an example of what energy is present under the mentioned circustances, in April 2018, when Mars made conjunction with Pluto and Saturn the previous time, the United States launched 100 missiles against Syrian military posts. We are talking about this type of energy been generated during March/April period, that currently is expanded by being under the influence of the eclipse of January 10.

The actions of the governments will depend on the conscience of the rulers and we hope that common sense and common good will prevail over the egos (that will be well exalted by Mars), between the different political parties. In relation to the planet earth, lets hope that it does not release all the energy at the same time. Puerto Rico has been shaking for more than 10 days and it is something very unusual, few volcanoes starting smoking around the world, and there are floods in different parts of the planet.
Uranus is transiting the sign of Taurus (earth sign) and the same can generate additional conditions for the earth to release accumulated pressure.

On a personal level, it is suggested to be prepared since the energy generated by the planetary activity could create political, social and weather situations, for which the common people are not prepared.

By the end of April, we will know about how these planetary energies manifested. At that time we will summarize what happened, and we will see how wise our rulers are, and how our planet earth responded to all this energy.

We hope for the best and prepare for the worse.

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