The Heart and Astrology

In the book Astrology in the 21st Century, available in Amazon, there is a section related to the organ transplant and astrology. By the new information available from the Pentagon, now we can answer a question related to the heart transplant, for example.
The experiences that people with heart transplant had after the transplant were mentioned in the book. Part of the personality’s characteristics of the donor were acquired by the recipient and this is a topic well documented, books written and known in certain medical circles.
The question presented from the astrological point of view, was regarding how to manage the future cycles of the recipient after the transplant, specially related to aspects related to the Sun and Leo.
By the new information available from MIT regarding the laser developed by the Pentagon, now we know that each heart bit is unique for each person. It is like a finger print.

With this new information we can say that from the astrological point of view, when ever analyzing any future transit for a person that received a heart transplant, also the cycles of the donor need to be included in the evaluation. As strange as this sounds, if we need to evaluate all the energy cycles, we need to consider the original cycle of the heart together with the cycles of the person that received it, with this information, the astrologer will have a full picture. Otherwise the astrologer will be working with part or wrong information in regards to this aspect.

As we know more about how the human body works and its characteristics, there is the need for astrology to be aligned to the new information, to keep current and updated during the 21st century.

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