Argentina – Solar Eclipse

Argentina’s Natal Chart

Sun at 17 degrees 08 minutes of Cancer
Moon at 17 degrees 57 minutes of Capricorn
Venus a 10 degrees 59 minutes of Cancer
Mercury a 6 degrees 35 minutes of Cancer

The Sun and the Moon are in direct opposition in Argentina’s Natal Chart. In any person, an interpretation of this aspect can be defined as a dichotomy between what one thinks and wants to do and what one actually executes. Something similar can be said for an institution or a country, where the Moon is considered within the state of mind of the employees or the population, and the Sun can be interpreted as the course taken by the ruling class.

The following analysis is made in relation to the solar eclipse of July 2nd that will have part of its shadow over Chile and Argentina, given that a similar eclipse (in terms of the signs of Cancer and Capricorn) occurred in the year 2001.

During the year 2001, there were events in Argentina that led to a very complicated situation from a political, social and economic standpoint. In the current period, there is an aggravating astrological factor given that there are active energies that were not present in 2001. To the eclipses of 2019, it must be also considered that Saturn in transit is in conjunction with the natal Moon and in opposition with the natal Sun.

Making the parallelism between a person and a country, such transit in a person can cause a state of depression by the conjunction of Saturn with the Moon, as well as lack of vitality and confrontation with the “authority” or have to carry a heavy burden, by the opposition of Saturn with the Sun.

The authority for a country is given by its constitution, their own laws, as well as the international organisms with which they have commitments and could apply sanctions if contracts terms are not met.

A list of eclipses that occurred in 2001 and those in effect for 2019.

Eclipses in 2001
Moon – January 9th 2001 at 19 degrees 36 minutes de Cancer
Sun – June 21st 2001 at 0 degree 14 minutes de Cancer
Moon – July 5th 2001 at 13 degrees 34 minutes de Capricorn
Sun – December 14th 2001 at 22 degrees 59 minutes de Sagittarius
Moon – December 30 at 8 degrees 41 minutes de Cancer

Eclipses in 2019
Sun – January 6th 2019 at 15 degree 31 minutes de Capricorn
Moon – January 21st 2019 at 0 degree 49 minutes de Leo
Sun – July 2nd 2019 at 10 degree 42 minutes de Cancer
Moon – July 16th 2019 at 24 degree de Capricorn
Sun – December 26th 2019 at 4 degree 9 minutes Capricorn

Since the beginning of 2001 with the first eclipse of the Moon that occurred at 19 degrees of Cancer, this was in conjunction with the natal Moon and in opposition to the natal Argentina’s Sun. At this point it is worth mentioning that the effect of an eclipse can be manifested within 6 months of when it happened, in addition to the effects of the other eclipses that occur in the year.

The second eclipse in 2001 is a Solar eclipse that conjoins natal Mercury and natal Venus, which is also activated. Mercury in a country governs commerce, communications, contracts and agreements, while Venus governs money, the economy and the arts. These considerations just to provide an idea of the scope and areas reached by the eclipse.

The crisis peaked in December 2001, when there were two eclipses, but this was only the manifestation of everything that had been already generated before. Remember, “It is not the last glass that gets you drunk, but the sum of all the previous one.”

Looking at 2019, January’s solar eclipse took place two degrees apart from Argentina’s natal Moon and in opposition to the natal Sun. This could be considered as the beginning of a period that will affect the population, where they became aware of certain facts and from them, they perceive a not too positive future and with the possibility of an economic downturn.

The eclipse of the Sun that is going to take place on July 2nd, which has a shadow over Chile and Argentina, it conjoins the natal Venus, in which Mercury also intervenes for only been four degrees apart and by the Sun for been at seven degrees, making opposition to the natal Moon.

Given the conditions of the present time, it is said that the story never repeats itself exactly as before. The actors can change, the moment in time is different, but the root of the problem remains the same. It is the economic factor, which most probably was never addressed.

When we talk about overcoming challenges and evolving in regards to evaluations on personal natal charts, it is said that one has the possibility through the cycles, to overcome the challenges that would prevent not repeating the same mistakes again. This can occur in a person at any level of their lifes. It is easy to point out certain patterns of behavior when, regardless of the intervening actors and circumstances, the results have similar outcome. This can also be a fact for countries.

Argentina with a Sun opposition Moon in the natal chart has a very difficult aspect to overcome, and if we see history even before 2001, similar situations have occurred cyclically. From the astrological point of view, an alternative would be the re-founding of the Republic, something that France did after the Second World War.

If at any time there is an opportunity to re-found the Republic, let us hope that those responsible for it, take into account the position of the celestial bodies, since those who declared independence in 1816 did not do so.

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