Astrology in the 21st Century – About organ transplants

Through the centuries, we have been advancing in knowledge, at times conscious of it or as it has happened in recent years, with changes so fast that we incorporate them without even realizing where they come from. Without going into details, the use of smart phones, apps and the rest is a clear example of this.

In the book on Astrology in the 21st Century, it was mentioned as an open topic, the impact that organ implants and intelligent prostheses have on astrology’s evaluations. This topic was included because there was no information on how to read the transits and progressions of a person with an organ transplant, with an emphasis on heart-transplanted patients.

It is known in medical circles, as well as widely reported by patients with transplants, those who receives the organ take certain characteristics of the donor. From the point of view of astrology, a question arise related to the understanding if the transplanted organ was still functioning based on the cycles of the donor, since it would be different from the cycles in natal chart of the recipient. The subject was presented as a study point, since a consensus has to be reached for defining a rule for a general use.

There is new information with respect to the functioning of the human body, related to the functioning of a cell and its interaction with the environment. The attached video of developmental biologist Bruce Lipton explains this, and although the explanation is from the point of view of the functioning of the cell, it can provide an understanding on how astrology works in terms of its energy manifestation.

As mentioned on countless occasions, if something can not be explained by science, is esoteric. With the advance of research and knowledge of the human body and the energy field in which we are immersed, little by little information is been released which provides an explanation for the mechanism of things and based on that, we are able to expand our vision of what and how we are.

In the process of new discoveries, astrology not only reinforces itself as a millenary science, but it also demonstrates the incredible knowledge that it contains, and which we have just begun to understand about how it works.

We started by mentioning that the cells have electricity (they work as rechargeable batteries known as the Krebs Cycle as detailed in the book) and with new information available related to the “receptors” in each cell, and how it captures information from the surrounding energy field, we can go to another level in the understanding of the human body. The receptors connects to the energy field which we are part. The energy field connects everything with everything, including the celestial bodies.

In the case mentioned by Lipton, a girl who received a heart transplant, she had a very real and recurring dream in which she was murdered. After an inquiry made by the doctor who treated her, they discover that the girl from whom the heart came from had been murdered. By the information provided to the police from the dreams that the girl had, they managed to capture the person who had committed the crime.

This shows clearly that the information in the dreams (taking into account the different degrees of frequency that we passed when we sleep) came from another place other than the body, since the cells contain information regarding the type of cells they are, their functioning and other own characteristics, but do not contain the history of each person.

The cells of the heart simply provide the connection to the information (energetic field) which is processed and made conscious through the brain.

This same process can be applied to a certain planetary transit and how the body receives the frequency that a transit produces through the cellular receptors, which transmit the information to the brain and through it, this energy becomes conscious.

Our natal chart is the filter by which the information coming from the energy field (frequency) will make the personal adaptation of this frequency.

Under this concept, the theory that the transplanted organ continues to function based on the donor’s original cycle and frequency is been reinforced.

It is worth mentioning that we are talking about the basic mechanical functioning of astrology, and that in no way this process is deterministic, since there could be different degrees of consciousness present that will have an effect on the transit. The level of consciousness’s development is personal and depends on the personal work done, age and other factors of the individual. All these are the components within of the astrological evaluation.

Achieving an understanding of the basic functioning only aims to reinforce the definition of astrology as a science. Looks like in the 21st century, we may have the opportunity to bring back astrology to the place where it once was.

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