Picatrix is known as the books of magic and astrology originally published in Arabic in the eleventh century, which was translated into Spanish and Latin two centuries later.

The books deal on how to achieve certain effects or how to influence future events through the preparation of different types of elements using different materials, prayers, using certain colors on given hours and days of the week also considering the celestial bodies.

It is interesting to analyze the information contained in these books, not from the magical or esoteric point of view, but from the vision of the interrelation of ourselves with our “environment”, considering all new scientific findings and technology as it is today.

Let’s begin by understanding that both in antiquity as of today, what can not be explained by scientific terms becomes pseudo-science, or esoteric, or part of a belief system. Although astrology can not still be considered as a science within the accepted norm, this is gradually changing as new information based on the application of new technologies are revealing how things function.

There are so many proven cases where astrology determines in advance how will be the movement of given energies, and the probable consequences that this may have on any given person, event or entity, that whoever does not accept it, we could simply speculate that it is operating under certain programming compared to the one of a religious fanatic, where only something is just accepted without considering all available information.

As known today, each planet generates a certain type of energy, sound, vibration, frequency and as with the rest of things, as well each color, element, day of the week, time of day has similar characteristics. Let just mention as an example that the sound of a cell can be register today as well as the frequency generated by a thought. By mentioning this in the eleventh century might have been sufficient cause to be judged as a heretic and probably sentence to be burned at the stake.

In Picatrix we find the description of what has to be done when searching for a certain result. It is so extensive that it contains detailed information on how to make the antidote for the sting of a scorpion, to even how to achieve prosperity.

In short, it explains how to make use of the available energies around us, whether of the planets or of the elements found in nature, all under a strictly conditioned aspect using certain methodology, moment in time and intervening elements.

At some point it was identified as magic, today we can say that it is simply a manual for the management of enegies.


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