Natal Charts, Elective Charts and Solar Returns

As we know, the natal chart is the astral map that is drawn taking the date, time and place of birth. The position of the houses, the planets and their aspects is what will determine the basis of the characteristics and cycles of the native.
The question is, how much do we know about the Elective Charts and the Solar Return?

The elective charts are those where the date and the appropriate time to start something are studied previously, which will have the characteristics represented in the chart.
Just by way of example, John Flamsteed, who was the first astronomer of the court of England, after analyzing the stars, chose founding the Greenwhich observatory on August 10, 1675 at 3:14 p.m.
Without any doubt, his previous analysis was correct since today the observatory is still famous and known worldwide.
You can make a selective chart for when a company is created, a new business is started and so many other things that can become important and want to be successful in their development. Marriages fall within this theme, beyond that in this case in particular as in associations, should also have made the corresponding Synastry between the members.

Another type that may not be as common as the natal charts is the Solar Return. This is the chart made taking into account the original birth chart (for the position of the Sun in exact degrees and minutes) and the place where the birthday is going to be held.
Keep in mind that one celebrates the birthday on the day of birth, but astrologically it may not be so.
For example, a leap year, where February has 29 days, those born from March 1 onwards, one day is added to the calendar. So beyond traditionally celebrate our birthday on the calendar day we were born, astrological this may vary a day or at least a few hours.
A Solar Return is a birth chart prepared taking into account the place where the birthday is celebrated and where the position of the Sun coincides with that of the natal chart.
The resulting chart is valid for one year and usually its effects can be felt a couple of months before the birthday.
Unlike the natal chart, that is set when the universe determines it, the Solar Revolution card can be changed.
By changing the birthdate place in the axis east/west we can change the positions of the planets in the houses. This will have the effect of varying the energy that is activated on the birthday, moving it from one house to another one that will have lesser impact on our lives (For example to avoid certain planet and aspect in the health house). The energy of the planet will be present, but represented differently by the house where it moves.
This is a very interesting topic and has to be taken into account a few months before the birthday to understand how the energies will be represented and depending on that, see if it is convenient and possible to relocate for spending our anniversary.
This method works and once you take the habit of practicing it, it becomes an important way for controlling our destiny, in this case, managing the energies that are been activated by the Solar Revolution.

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