Energy, Frequency and Vibration

Nicholas Tesla said, “If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration.” for those who do not know who Tesla was, I recommend looking for information about his work in order to have a dimension of who he was and the deep meaning of what he said. We owe Tesla a lot for the advances of today’s society, given his discoveries and inventions related to electricity.

The question is how can we think about separating physics, chemistry, mathematics, astronomy, and the human body and the rest, when human beings live immersed in a sea of universal influences and laws, which pierce us and affect every moment of our life? Just ask yourself, when you ever stop to think during the day that we are constantly under the action of the law of gravity; (which still today cannot be explained); or when you are driving and you see on the freeway cars wrinkled after an accident, do you think about Newton’s first law with regard to inertia, speed and so on?. If we had this in mind, maybe we would be keeping the corresponding distance with the car ahead of us. These are just examples of the many daily things we are exposed to, that we usually do not even think about.

At this point, you will be wondering what this has to do in an astrology blog. I ask you for a little patient and try to read the article leaving aside any prejudice or idea that you have in astrology, because what follows, has to do with an untraditional vision of it for understanding the influences of the planets on us and the environment in which we live.

Let us start with the following, why is the planet Venus, Venus, and it is associated with femininity, culture, good taste and so on? Why is the planet Mars, Mars, and it is associated with fire, war, violence and so on? Why is the planet Saturn, Saturn, and is it associated with restrictions, obligations, burdens and so on?

The simpler answer would be that we can go to mythology and see where each meaning comes from, and the ancient known name, and their recognition as gods, but what no one explains is why each one was identified with a certain influence. Are you going to tell me that the ancient priests were looking at the sky all the time and when at a certain moment something significant happened around them, they made the association and the definition came from that? I do not know if someone can really believe that.

It is known that the Egyptians had treatment and healing chambers, which contained frequencies, produced by different sounds and depending on the person’s disease, was the frequency that was used to cure them. A disease was defined as a disruption between the balance of the original vibration of the individual; and the treatment’s aim was returning the person to his natural vibration or frequency.

All things are composed of atoms, and the atoms are constantly vibrating and moving, they generate energy and vibration. Each thing in the universe is composed of a combination of basic elements (periodic table of the elements) that, when integrated, form complex entities. Both the basic elements and the complex ones are vibrating and generating energies during their existence, which propagates in all directions at every moment.

Taking this as a basis, we can define that the characteristic of each planet is more associated with the vibration and frequency that they generate and the impact they can produce. If the Egyptians handled the issue of frequencies, there is no doubt that they also knew the information about celestial bodies.

Astrology at a personal level determines how these energies in the form of vibration and frequency; affect each person, relating the energy of the planet in question to the natal chart of the individual.

As you can see, there is no esoteric component in this equation, but simply the analysis and definition of cause and effect. In the same way, that a meteorologist predicts that there are great possibilities of rain because of a low-pressure center is entering the region, an astrologer can determine any past, present and future cycle since the planets have a predetermined and exact (mathematical) movement in its celestial movement.

With this information, it will be possible to deduce that an astrologer is more likely to be successful in his predictions than a meteorologist is!

Cymatics is defined as the study of the behavior of solids and liquids when reacting to different vibrations. There is a famous experiment done by Dr. Masaru Emoto where he shows how the water molecule changes shape depending on the sound (frequency) to which it is exposed. We have to remember that human beings are more than 70% water, as such, the same influences that water receives in a pond, glass and so on; our body receives them.

Everything that exists in the universe has a wave frequency, which affects the rest of the things, and each one of the elements is been influenced by the others. It is very important to recognize that we are, and everything is, connected. There is no us and them, we are all one.

Both a color, a musical note, and a planet have certain frequency, which reaches us and produces an action / reaction in everything. We can see this with a simple question, what is your favorite color? Someone will say green, another will say red, and another will say blue. What does this mean? That the vibration of that favorite color is the one that produces the best reaction in that person. Why? Because each of us is composed of, a basic matter that is “constructed” in a certain way, which is set at birth and in astrology, is represented by the natal chart.

As mentioned, each planet has a specific vibration or frequency and depending on the drawing (chart) that is defined at birth’s moment that will be our composition, which will define our “natural” tastes, preferences or rejections. The learned ones will come later as we growth.

In the same way that when it rains, the water affects all those in the area, the planets have global influences, since the earth is our area, beyond the global aspects, there are the personal aspects, which are unique to each one of us.

Learn from the frequencies, vibrations, and more than anything, understand how they affects us. It’s just about living better, so the understanding of how things function is a good starting point to achieve a full life.


Just as an example the different frequencies between colors

Color                wave (nm)                    Frequency (THz)

Violet               380-450                       668-789 T

Blue                 450-495                       606-668

Green               495-570                       526-606

Yellow             570-599                       508-526


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