Uranus in the sign of Taurus

In middle of May, Uranus entered in the sign of Taurus and by the geo activity reported since the end of May, we could see what impact the energies of Uranus can produce. Volcanos are not only getting active, but after their first release of pressure (by throwing lava, ashes and rocks all around), they continue their activity without any forecast to be near ending. As I am writing this we have activate volcanoes in Hawaii, Japan and Guatemala that started their activities in the last past weeks.

As the well-known ancient statement says, “As above, so below”, we can expect the Uranus energies have an impact at the global scale as well as on each one of us.

Depending on what house of the natal chart is the sign of Taurus, this will identify the area of our life that could be impacted the most. Uranus prompts for change. The same way that a volcano changes the surrounding landscape by releasing internal pressure and throwing out lava, rocks and ashes, we should expect changes to happen in our point of views, approach, values and way of life in the areas defined by the corresponding astrological house in our chart.

We are all afraid of change. Since we started day care, or kindergarten going forward, we all have to adjust to changes in our environment. Change of friends as we move up in the school process, for some change of neighborhood, state or country, start working, changing jobs, moving out of the parent’s house, living with a roommate, getting married, having children, loosing love ones, etc.
Each and every one of those were significant milestones in our lives. Some of them triggered by our own decision and others by outside events out of our control, were changes that we went through in our life path.

We can define life as a succession of events, where there is always some type of change, where we are the doers or the recipients. At a small scale, we are the doers for changes in the place that we live, at work, and with the people that we relate to, at a macro scale, we are been impacted by government actions and world events.
We may not realize it, but even what we can call a monotonous routine, has changes in it.

Coming back to Uranus in Taurus, what is happening with the volcanoes, it is just an example of how the effects of the planetary energies can be represented at the physical level.

It is important to understand in what house Taurus is located in your natal chart, and prepare for the changes that Uranus could trigger starting now into the coming years through its transit in this sign.

Just do not be afraid of change, but look at it as an opportunity to clear out the old and stale and make room for the new and welcome it!

Update October 2018.

Uranus entered Taurus in May 2018, then will be retrograde into Aries and will be in direct motion back in Taurus by March 2019. As it was mentioned, geo activities were already out of the ordinary and it is espected to continue in this way with spikes of intensity during and when, after direct motion in the sign of Taurus.

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