Astrological Important Cycles

Of the Evolutionary Processes

From long ago it has been mentioned that the main evolutionary cycles for a person range from 7 – 14 years and any multiple of them.

At 7 years of age, it was defined as a sufficient age to start formal learning

At 21 years of age (7 X 3), it was defined as “the age of majority” where you could participate in civil and social activities given the degree of “maturity” obtained.

Astrologically, although transits can be contemplated for each moment of life, particular attention is paid to what is called “the Saturn Return”, and the “Opposition of Uranus”, both as important periods in the evolutionary stage of the human being.

These aspects occur between the 28 (7×4) and 30 years of age regarding Saturn for the first time, and when around 42 years of age (7×6) for Uranus. During these periods, the person will encounter situations, events, circumstances that will shake the built structures on which the individual is based on, and new opportunities/challenges will arise that can produce a change of direction on the life path.

The Solar Cycle

Approximately every 365 days the Sun is again in the same place (sign, degrees and minutes) that was at the time of birth. At that time, “we are reborn” with a new chart called Solar Return. The Solar Return is a chart made using the place of that particular birthday and the interpretation is similar to that of the birth chart, only that the energies are manifested for the period determined between birthdays.

The energies embodied in each birthday are given by the position of the planets according to the houses where they are located. If the person always had birthdays in or around the same location, there is a 12 year cycle, where the Sun will take different position each year until completing the 12 houses. This closes a 12 years evolutionary cycle, where the Sun passed through each house in the natal chart.

Evolutionary Process – Saturn Return

The Saturn return is a trial period, where usually one does not feel at its best and the environment that surrounds us (Family, work, friends) presents us with greater demands, which are difficult to evade. This period can be highlighted by been presented with an increase in responsibilities.

This is part of the maturing process. Like any transit, it is neither good nor bad, but usually it is considered bad, because in some way, challenges the structures that we formed up to that moment and it can produce unwanted changes. It could even be a period of new directions.

Imagine a rocket going out into the space where it is detaching from the engines that burn out, and where those of the next stage are lit. In the same way, we have the opportunity to produce changes that will mark a before and after.

Depending on the home where Saturn is in the natal chart, the circumstances that will surround the person. Everyone will experience it in some particular way.

As already mentioned in other articles, the concept that must be understood is that the aspects of the planets produce “energies” and the facts, circumstances or people involved in the “staging of events” are only channeling this energy. They are neither good nor bad, they are only the instruments in charge of materializing this energy.

The first cycle of Saturn occurs when we are between 28 and 30 years old and it will repeat again at between 57 and 59 years of age. This tells us of two completely different evolutionary processes. The same energy is going to be generated in each cycle, but due to the difference in age, they will usually be represented through different circumstances. If in the second cycle there are similar issues to be handled than in the first cycle, this is a clear indication that the opportunity presented in the first cycle was not well resolved. A road than was not transited then, will have to be traveled now.

In the first cycle there is the opportunity to start with a new pattern of behavior towards others and those around us, while, in the second cycle, it points more towards inner growth, because at this point, one should know how things work and you should not be so involved in the development of the outside world (material).

If the outside world presents major problems in the second cycle, it is more likely that the correct path has not been taken both in the first cycle and in the intermediate aspects that followed.

The Evolution – Uranus

The other transit that has a significant effect on the evolutionary development process of a person, is the opposition of Uranus. Uranus, which was discovered at the beginning of the industrial revolution, has a cycle of 84 years, but particularly the half cycle, when we are around 42 years old (7×6) is very important. Commonly it is known as the “middle life crisis”.

The energy generated in this period allows us to begin to process all the information and experiences acquired at the material and spiritual level to this point, and begin a new evolutionary stage.

During this period, the person feels leaving youth and entering a new stage. We could say that there are two alternative paths to follow. One which will lead to spiritual development, capitalizing on everything lived and learned until that moment and the other one, which is a regression to the past (focused on the material aspect), leading to the degradation of the spiritual being. It’s all about staying in the “youth”.

The opposition of Uranus comes to represent the “threshold of the university of life”. We have finished “high school” and now comes the real “career or profession” that we want to follow, not from the labor point of view, but from the evolutionary aspect.

If you decide to continue along the evolutionary path, you will begin a self-study stage, searching for the best method or way to connect with yourself, and you will be able to take responsibility for family, work and social issues, as well as your personal evolution. You can achieve the balance between the different aspects of yourself, something that at another time was not possible.

It should be noted that personal development is a path that, although it may have an ascending path, the goal is never reached. There will always be something to learn or improve.

If the path of evolution was chosen, the conjunction of Uranus at 84 years old (7×12), will be a period of understanding and connection between our personal energy with the universal energies. The other path will only lead to the material aspect of life, by been  consummed with everyday life problems.


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