About the Energies and their Representation

For those who have some idea of ​​astrology, they may be familiar with the energies generated by each of the planets. In this aspect, we can say that Saturn is the one that generates energy that restricts, present us with challenges, responsibility and heavy load, Uranus promotes changes, Jupiter makes us grow (in every way possible!), Neptune connects us with the Muses in another plane or makes us see things in a way that they are not, and so on and so for, each of the planets generates their own type of energies.

Let’s see how is the mechanism by which these energies are represented in our day to day life.

Depending on our natal chart, the energy of each planet and natal aspects and transits, house or houses involved, and planets in play, will determine how this energy is going to be presented in our particular case.

Take for example Saturn, a complicated aspect of Saturn on the house IV (home), we can say that the home situation will become complicated, we can have problems with the house itself, the members living in the house or something related to them. Because of this energy that is being represented, most likely there will be circumstances or people that will create complication in the home. As a consequence of that, it may be that in the case of people intervening, they will be as the one provoking the situation and this can lead to greater conflicts at the personal level that go beyond the problems at home.

From one moment to the next, circumstances at home, leads to the deterioration of the relationship with other people which could be family members, or friends or neighbors.

Looking at things from another point of view, we can say the following:

That energy generated by Saturn, as we know, was “programmed” since both the position of Saturn and the transit, can be seen at any moment in time whether at present time, in the past or the future. So, if that energy was already known that at a certain moment it was going to be “activated”, we can say that the “actors” that participated in that particular moment, where the “agents” or in charge of the delivery for the materialization of that energy. The energy was already known that it was going to be present at that moment in time. The “agents” are not the “generators of that energy”. The only generator is Saturn that is been manifested by any given agent.

While instinctively we are going to look for who’s fault was for what happened, what it happened was only a manifestation of that energy.

Let’s say that if there is a bad aspect of house IV (home) and for some reason the person is living alone on a small island, that energy that we are talking about, can be represented as a boat running aground on the island, a plane falls on the island, a shipwrecked person appears who is a psychopath who escaped from a maximum security prison, etc., etc.

Is the concept understood?

The energy had to be manifested in some way, and while we are going to make a judgment about what happened, we need to understand that there is neither perpetrators, nor victims, but only “actors” who represent the work of life through their energies.

All the people who enter and leave our lives, have faces, names, are part of society, family, work, church, neighborhood, etc., but they are neither good nor bad, they are simply “actors” that play a role and their natal chart is their script.

It is a concept that goes against everything we have learned, and denies many aspects that we have entrenched and it can go against our basic understanding of our day to day life; but if we are born and die as independent entities, we need to think that between these two basic points of our existence, the “actors” around us are responsible for our experiences during life.

If we can understand the meaning of this, we will be freed from a burden, especially the emotional one, that remains active in us after the energies of a certain transit passes. They will be part of our programming (subconscious house XII), and they will enter to play in all our everyday responses to different situations from that moment forward.

Think how many situations we have gone through that have left us “a mark” in some way, where we have assigned a “face”, to that actor who intervened when certain energy was generated, and we have kept it in the memory associated directly as responsible for the fact, when simply that person did the corresponding part, channeling the energy for that moment in time.

Let’s remove the faces, the labels, the names and separate it from the facts. If we are able to do that, we will flow “lighter” through the energies that come our way and we would stop having a closet full of skeletons from the past, which do not serve any purpose or determines anything in our present moment.

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