Natal Characteristics and Programming

The natal chart gives us the information of our personality and the energy cycles through which we are going to travel during our life in this plane. According to the position of signs, planets, houses and aspects, we can see what are our benefits and what our limitations, which we will have to take advantage of or will have to overcome on our day to day evolution.

If you understand astrology, that’s clear and you could say that it’s easy to determine and understand. What is more difficult to understand is that apart from our natal condition, there is another level of information that enters into the equation that defines how we are and why we are as we are. This level of information, if we can call it that, is the programming process we go through since we were born and that will continue to be present for most of our lives.

Let’s enter into the analysis of why we think we are the way we are.

What we defined at any given time as a truth, at another time this could be seen in a different way. This already puts us at the crossroads of why certain “truth” defined as such at some point, then it is not. Think about your romances, beliefs in politics, sports, religion, diet and so on.

Looking at it from the outside, as an observer, how is it understood that two people who have opposing positions, each think that theirs is the correct one? My belief, my god is right, the other is wrong. My team of football, basketball, hockey, baseball, etc. it is the best one, not the others. My political idea is the best for everyone and the others are wrong. We can continue with a long list of beliefs and positions that we take at certain moment in time and throughout life, which for a moment are “truths”, but later for different circumstances may cease to be so.

What is it that makes the beliefs of today, that we take as a starting point to act or create things, that tomorrow can be proven wrong? Why we have the need to take a position from one side or the other in every situation? How many times after having defined or defended something and for which we have been very convinced of, we had to change our mind about it, either because new information arised, something happened to us or any other fact that proves wrong what we previously thought right?

The important thing is to ask ourselves, if is it imperative or if is it essential to have to take a stand before all things? The answer is, under a dualistic system yes, because there is no neutral position.

As in any computer program, our mind works based on the analysis of information. Any program (computers, smartphone or TV, etc.) decides the execution of the next instruction based on whether a condition is fulfilled or not. If any given condition, then the following is done, otherwise something else.

If there is something to be considered in this process, it is that the more qualifiers we have before deciding the next step, the more successful the resolution will be. If we do not have enough information, when making any decision, it may not be the one most beneficial for us. In any programmable device, if there is a condition that was not previously defined, the program stops working and has to be turned off and restarted again. In general, unless there is a technical physical failure, it is because the program under which the device operates found a condition that was not anticipated, does not know what to do and gives an error. Stops working.

The human being has other mechanisms that allow it to continue working beyond if he/she does not have the information on how to respond to a certain situation. Let’s call it the basic operating system.

To better understand what we are talking about, let’s take a simple process like making coffee.

There are a number of considerations (instructions) that can be taken into account in this process. There’s water? There’s coffee? If the answer is yes to both, then I can continue. If I do not have water or I do not have coffee, the process ends there. If these conditions are met, next question is, instant or ground coffee? if it is ground coffee I need a strainer or a coffee machine otherwise I cannot continue. Is it understood where the thing is going? We act “automatically” at every moment every day, without realizing that our mind is constantly going through a question and answer process, interacting with our environment at an incredible speed.

We are acting on the basis of previous learning and experiences that created conditions (programs) which are being executed, represented in actions and thoughts. Based on this information we make “our” decisions. Every time we find new information, our programming is adjusted, modifying, replacing or generating a new matrix.

This simultaneously also interacts with our natal chart features. From the new information incorporated, “our beliefs” are ratified or modified. According to the natal chart, we can go through certain cycles where the programming becomes conscious and can be understood. In order to evolve, we have to start from a solid base. The cycles of astrology are very useful for understanding this.

The programming process never ends during life, at every moment a new experience, information that we received, from our immediate surroundings or globally our “programming” continues to be updated. Let’s keep in mind that the basis of programming is 0/1, yes/no, good/bad. This information is recorded updating our programming and will condition any future response.

All of us who have computers, smartphones and the rest know that every so often the operating system receives an update. This is because they have found something that optimizes the use of the device or simply to fix an error found.

Let’s think that every decision we make, every belief we have, every thought that goes through our head comes from somewhere and that is nothing more than the result of information received through our senses, processed by our “operating system” providing as a result a response, an answer. We want to think that we are unique, and we are to a certain extent, since there are not two people who are “programmed” identically. Thus they were programmed (indoctrinated) in the same way, their natal characteristics would make them different.

Let’s stop to reflect on what has been mentioned so far.

The first reaction from the ego, will be that each one is sure of him/herself, that he/she “is what he/she is”, and “decides” what he/she “thinks, says and does”. What is this BS about programming?

It’s understandable. Because part of our program, from the basic programming, we learned that we belong to a certain great nation, of the greatness of our heroes, of the unique natural resources of our land, our roots and traditions, who would be our ideal partner and many other things that took years to “teach” us.

Did someone tell us they were “programming” us? Of course NOT.

They never explained to us that our lives were going to be in a certain way “conditioned” by everything they taught us. Nobody questioned the methodology, nor what was said, nor the content. It was like that, no questions asked.

Neither our grandparents, nor our parents, nor our “teachers” were even aware of the process they were part of and executing. They did what they knew and understood best. They were also acting under their particular program.

If we look at the world in which we live today, anyone can see at a glance the division and conflicts that exist. Electronic devices have evolved with a sophistication unthinkable 20 years ago, but we, with all our processing capacity, far superior to any existing device, have lowered the quality of our programming to basic levels, I would almost say prehistoric. It’s like saying we have the super computer and we use it only to add and subtract! As hard as it sounds, it is the reality we live in this moment.

As a society we are faced with 50-50 division, that is seen in almost every country. The political and religious conflicts, the separation between the poor and the rich is almost at the level of the feudal lords’ time, generalized violence is already commonplace, lies are presented as proven realities, should we say more?

Think of the generation that is beginning to be “programmed” at this time, what kind of information are they receiving? Under what programming will they operate in the future?

The programming can be changed, the same way it was done, it can be undone. The worst thing that can be done is to have a passive or complacent position and think that things are the way they are and nothing can be done about it. Everything starts within each one of us. For things to change, we have to change first individually.

The only way to change our programming is by being aware of where the failure lies, of our power and innate ability to be able to change and take action. Unlike smart phones and computers, we are beings with the capacity for self-programming. Without being computer scientists, we all are.

Unlike appliances, we have a third state which is “neutrality”. In order to change our programming, we need to be at the center, not 1 or 0, we need to be “neutral”. To be able to change we have to put ourselves in the state of the “observer”, neither on one side nor the other, not taking part, but looking and understanding what happens with us and around us.

The moment we can exercise this, and it becomes second nature, from that moment on we can begin to undo the existing programming and start connecting with our true selves. Our essence is never lost, it is simply covered by conditions, from which we have to detach ourselves from, if we want to start a new path to reunite with our true BEING, with our TRUE SELF.

Everyone will know when it is ready to begin this process.

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