Synastry is the comparison of two or more natal charts that serves to understand which energies are generated between them. This can be used to understand the relationship between parents and children, between siblings, couples or business partners. It is a millenary practice, previously used mainly for predetermining unions.

Synastry consists of comparing the natal charts and seeing aspects that are formed between the planets of two or more charts. The energies generated depends on the aspects (angles) which are, conjunction (0 degree), sextile (60 degrees), quadrature (90 degrees), trine (120 degrees) and opposition (180 degrees).

There are planets that are considered basic for relationships which are the Moon, the Sun, Venus, Mars and the mainly conditioning planets Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto.

For example, if the Moon of the two charts are in conjunction (from 0 to 10 degrees) there is an energy present that connects these two people, to the point that when they see each other for the first time, they feel like they have known each other from before. A conjunction between the Venus with Venus and/or Mars generates an energy for physical attraction.

If two people are in a relationship, you can see in their charts which are the points of attraction which made the relationship possible. Although observing it from the outside, we could say that these two people don’t have much in common, but there are unseen aspects that unite them.

Understanding this, we can say that any relationship of friendship, partner and others occurs because there are energies interacting between the parties connecting at different levels, which can be mental or physical.

There are people who, by aspects of their birth chart, attract or like to most people. Understand this as purely physical attraction, and most likely it generates all kinds of romantic and carnal imaginations in others, but we must bear in mind that this is the first impression.

Take the case of an actor or actress, the audience is attracted to them in the same way that you can be attracted to a “character” in a movie, a book or a play.

Let’s suppose that there is the possibility that someone from the audience can live with the artist for a certain period of time. What would happen?

According to the aspects of the two natal charts, when living together, the other energies that are present, that were not perceived at the distance would be activated. They can either be for good or for bad depending on the aspects, and the illusion or initial attraction would fall out or remain. At a certain moment it is not the name, it is not the position, it is the energy that moves between people.

No union will start with the idea that eventually it will break apart, and then why does it happen? It can also happen that they continue living together, but in an automated way of life, looking at other people in order to try to rescue that energy they do not find in their partner.

When two people start a relationship, there is always an aspect of initial attraction, and usually that attraction that is mostly physical, covers or does not show negative aspects that will manifest over time. In Synastry this can be seen.

You can see aspects that will come to light at the worst moment, depending on the individual transits, which in some cases are common to both partners.

There are different types of complicated relationships, Plutonian (karmic), Neptunian (idealistic), Uranian (electrical) and Saturnine (dependent) that, with aspects to the main planets mentioned above, at a certain moment in time, this energy will challenge the relationship.

The arranged marriages took into account these aspects, since in some way they prevented certain main planetary cycles from impacting the couple. As they said, “love” will come later with coexistence.

Sometimes it happens that a couple will remain together for different reason that nothing has to do with their feelings, after the original energy that brought them together was overwhelmed by the greater energy of the challenges.

The synargy analysis before commiting to a relatioship is a way to understand what motivates each side and the challenges that they can encounter. There is no magic, just information that can help each person understand the situation and from there choose the better path.

There is a lot to talk about this topic, but everyone will know deep inside how and why each personal relationship began and where that led to. Remember it is all about the energies exchanged.

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