Astrology at the personal level

We can define that astrology is the science that studies the cycles of personal evolution through the interpretation of the movements of celestial bodies.  Reviewing the topic of interpretation very quickly, it is known that certain positions of the moving planets confronting the individual natal chart, generates certain energies and these energies are manifested or represented by situations, people or events.

It is not correct to say that astrology can determine or predict events in the future, but what can be said for sure is what “energies” are going to be manifested at a particular time or period.

This definition may be different from what is commonly understood of astrology, but it is time to speak clearly and separate the quackery from what it really is.

This generated energy, whether expansion, passive or restrictive, will manifest itself in a general way, but depending on the person’s birth chart, this energy will be represented in a different way. Everything is relative.

A plate of food for someone who has not eaten for three days can be not only a savior but a delicacy, while for someone who has just eaten, he will not even consider it. We are talking about the same plate of food and how it can generate or have a totally different effect between two people depending on their situation.

Let’s go deeper a level. Let’s say that in a town a prince and a beggar are born at the same time. From the astrological point of view, the two will have exactly the same natal chart. Each house with its corresponding sign and planet and from that moment, all transits (aspects between the moving planets and the natal chart) will be identical for both. The cycles (movements of energies) are going to be identical for both the prince and the beggar. We already know that the lives and experiences of each one are going to be completely different, but at a certain internal level, we can say that they will be similar, since the energies will hit them both equally.

What can be a great concern for the prince with something that affects the kingdom, for the beggar, something similar would be limited to the place where he sleeps. The organization of a great banquet of honor that the prince will give, in the beggar could be represented in knowing where he will get his next plate of food.

Understanding this, we can say that the birth chart indicates a basic aspect of our being (DNA) and a path of life (cycles), which are totally personal, but without leaving aside from which starting point each person begins.

There is no guarantee that he who is born in a golden cradle will have everything resolved, just as he who is born poor, will not be poor all his life. The natal chart will indicate which are the “natal” characteristics from potentials to challenges that a person has, which if known in advance, will help to potentiate the good aspects, as well as to carry out the complicated periods. This sounds very simple, but there are a lot of people who do not know who or what they are, they waste their potentials and live fighting fiercely against their natural limitations.

An example that can illustrate the above is the following, if we know beforehand what are the potentials in the area of ​​study and profession of our children, why not encourage them (without conditioning them) to read, be interested in topics that will benefit them when they have to choose a career or profession. How many people do we know who are carrying out an activity that is not what they want, or what they would like to do, but they are in it, because it is the path they chose at a certain moment in time and it is very difficult for them to leave it and start over?

Nothing is written in stone, nor do we have to feel victimized by things, nor do we have to go out into the world by running over everyone. Evolving is knowing how to navigate the energies that are presented to us, based on our astrological DNA, both in short and in long cycles, and to be able to advance in our personal inner growth, without losing our identity or essence.

Understanding our birth chart is only the beginning, but that is a great step toward our better understanding in who and what we are, and we can use it as a tool for helping in our evolutionary process.

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