Welcome to 2018!

Welcome to 2018!

January 7th, 2018

Last year around this time we were asking our self if we learned something during the year and if we made the best out of each situation. It is very common to mention new year’s resolutions, and the question always is, if we had the will and perseverance to follow through. 2018 present us with energies that can help us achieve these goals or change them according a new perspective.

From December 2017 until 2020 Saturn will be transiting the sign of Capricorn. We can say that Saturn is “at home” during this period. From ancient times and also today, Saturn is mentioned as the “malefic” planet. On the other hand, Jupiter is considered the growth and expansion planet, which is transiting the sign of Scorpio for most of this year.

Saturn is the planet that conditions our movements, confront us with reality, gives as responsibilities, and depending how we react to the challenges and proceed with our actions, we mature, we become better persons from our individual point of view, more robust and strong; or on the other hand we can feel defeated, depress and down.

During this period, at one point, all born under the sign of Capricorn, will have the opportunity to take additional responsibilities, define a new path to follow for years to come and reach a higher level of maturity and integrity. It could be pain involved in the process, if they don’t let go to things that are preventing their growth, that are not good for them, nevertheless there is an attachment to. Circumstances will be building pressure, and at one point actions will be taken. Everything that will happen aims at improving their self-growth.

In opposition to the sign of Capricorn we have the sign of Cancer. For the ones familiar with astrology, they know that opposition transits are hard. This is not a period of expansion, because in general, it is a period with low vitality. It can be said that is not a good period for starting a new project that requires a lot of energy from part of the individual. Most probably they will not have the will to keep constant focus on it. People and circumstances will oppose their plans and criticism against them can be high. This is a period for consolidation of what is existing and go with the flow. Don’t try to interfere or go against it. Like any transit, this is a period that will pass, just be prepare and alert on everything happening around you, considering what was mentioned above.

The signs of Aries and Libra will be in square to Saturn during this period. With less energy than the opposition, the square has its own limitation and circumstances. Things that were initiated around 7 years ago (2009-2012) will have to pass the test of validity now. Any project or important things that were initiated then and are still active, will have to pass the stress test. Nothing to fear if things are based on principles that will make the natives of these signs better self-developed persons. Always remember that any challenge that we are presented with, has the objective/opportunity to put ourselves in contact with our most inner self. Don’t let pass any opportunity by keeping that in mind.

We will close this year introduction with one of my favorite’s quotes from Gustav Carl Jung, “who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakens”.

Saturn will provide the opportunity to go deep into our self and get in touch with our essence. Really find out who you are; once you do that, you may decide to continue in the same path, or you may decide to make significant changes. Don’t move into any direction until you really know “who you are”. Astrology is there to help you find out.

Have a great year and Thank You!


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