Welcome to 2017!

Welcome to 2017!

January 6, 2017

What an interesting year we just left behind! I believe that what happened during the past year was not what the majority of the people expected. The question is what did we learn from it? Or better yet, did we learn anything?

As with any moment in time, now we can remind ourselves that on this life, we are here to have an experience and we should try to make the best out of it. Sometimes we may run into unexpected or challenging situations out of our control, when that happens, our task would be to find a way to recover from the shock, position our self on our center (not anybody else’s), understand the situation and move on. Whenever you don’t understand any situation or it does not make sense or the outcome of something is completely different to what it was expected, most probably is because you didn’t have all the necessary information or/and you had the wrong information.

We can expect 2017 to be something completely different compare to previous years. We better prepare ourselves for the changes that will take place. There are so many new things that are happening on the scientific, financial, political and cultural fronts that we can assume that a significant change is in the making at a global scale.

Are we prepared to cope with these coming changes? Are our own basic structures/believes been challenged? Did we fall into rigid structures (thinking) during the previous years that are preventing us from adjusting to change and have a grasp and adapt to what is really happening?

We create our own reality based on our own belief system, which more or less responds like a computer to any given software/program. It could be that the software that we are running on, it is outdated and maybe cannot cope with the new arrays of information? The way to find out is very simple, measure yourself by the results you are obtaining at the personal level. If you are not happy with the results, don’t look outside for answers, just look inside, most probably you are running an outdated programming and cannot handle the correct way the new paradigm.

From the astrological point of view there are some heavy aspects influencing all of us, but not everyone is being affected in the same way. The more rigid forms of thinking (called outdated software) are the ones been challenged the most in their existence, and the more they react to the situation, the worst it gets.

There is an opportunity now to “clear” our thoughts (programming) from previous belief systems, old paradigms and conditions. We have to break the strait jacket that little by little we were moved into, sometimes without realizing it.

During this year we will be challenged with new information, that for a large number of the people will be to say the list upsetting. New information that will make hard to defend previous believes or structures. Those structures that were built based on old paradigms will crumble. Like a house of cards, they will not resist a minimum impact. It could be that some people may even feel cheated when new information comes out that contradicts all previously known. Most probably the challenges will come from every angle; how will you respond to that?

In case you are lost or not sure where you are heading, astrology can be a tool, like a GPS, that can help you transit this new road of 2017.

Look into your heart, what is it saying…….

Happy 2017 and Thank You!


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