Welcome to 2016!

January 6th, 2016

Welcome to The New Roads!

During 2016 we will be transiting a very exciting time and most probably we all are going to be “touched” or transformed in some way. We as a human race are passing through a phase that started very subtle some few years ago. We are so used to the “instant gratification” that everything has to be now, but there are still things that take time for their realization. The current process can be compared to building or changing an existing highway, where we see the construction, the signs, the deviations, and on a certain day the job is completed, they take all working equipment away and the new road is free to travel. Then we get used to the new road, and not very frequently we remember how it was before the change. We are going through a similar process. At any given moment in the future we will look back and it will seem incredible where we were. We will realize the change we went through.

The technological revolution has accelerated tremendously in the last years, and not matter what age we are, we are all fully embedded in it. From children to grandparents, we are all “connected”. One of the greatest challenges we are facing at this time, is how we will manage this transformation, this acceleration in time, this overwhelming amount of information that we capture, process and put out every day, and still being able to make the best usage, and not became a sub product of it.

Regardless if we realize or not, we are in the middle of a change. Who knows if we went through a similar phase before in ancient times (there are so many unexplained things around us that we sometimes wonder), but in either case this situation looks new to all of us. There are no books or references to what is happening that can be consulted for advice.

So which direction will we take?

We can follow the road for merging with technology and became a hybrid race, or maintain our humanity, and regain our human essence by putting the technology to our service.

In either way, there is a universe that still exists, planets that continue traveling in their route; the moon keeps illuminating our nights and the sun shining over our lives every day.

We are being influenced by the planets today the same way that we were thousands of years ago. The human essence is the same today as it was before and it will be in the future, regardless if technology is present or not.

The understanding of the universal energies impacting us is something known in the past, today and will continue in the future and no technology can change that. We can modify our environment, impact and condition our brain, and our way of thinking, but when it rains we still get wet. Nothing changed at the most elemental and basic way we are. We are humans living on planet earth, and we are here to experience this existence.

We have to accept all the technological changes and make the best use of them when we can. Above all, we don’t have to forget that since the creation, there are mechanisms in place and events at the universal level, which some were known and understood since ancient times. Some are still being debated today and no firm conclusion has been reached by science yet.

Think about the news recently released about Planet 9, where that comes from?

We still have a lot to learn.

In this paradigm, how are you preparing for the new road?

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