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To understand how astrology works, beyond the fact that astrology cannot be disconnected from the rest of things, it is essential to dive into the working of the energies. While this may sound baseless given the education and information we are immersed in, this is a basic principle, and one that we will address as the workshop progresses.

Just to trigger our curiosity, how will you explain that when we see a person for the first time without any previous knowledge, you may like the person, dislike or just be indifferent.

How can it be explained that when you enter a new place it gives you a very good feeling, and on the contrary another place makes you uncomfortable?

Feng Shui, which is used to harmonize ‘the energies’ of a place, is a clear example of the possible interference in the movement of energies. As we will see in the workshop, astrology has methods to measure the energy fields between things, using the planets, aspects between them and the houses. On these topics science has little to say, but we cannot deny that they exist.

The constant movement of energies is the basis of the functioning of the universe. With the new advances in quantum physics and quantum mechanics we now know that everything is movement. Our body itself is vibrating constantly, a table or a chair, no matter how solid we see it, is in a state of vibration.

During the workshop we will first venture into the subject of energies, since is the base for understanding the relationship between the person, the planets, the signs, the houses, and the rest. It is useless to talk about astrological aspects without understanding how things work and especially how the human body functions.

We will delve into what computer science is, without going into the technical part, we will see the similarity of how the human body works and a computer (or a telephone that is the same). With the advancement of technology and its massive use, this concept it would have been difficult to explain to someone without a technical background before.

Carl Jung was the first one to dabble into astrology to relate topics treated with his patients and their astrological aspects. Dane Rudhyar took Jung’s studies and made the link between astrology and human development. This was the last advance that astrology had in its evolutionary development and one of the most important to our days.

Finally, we will see how astrology can be used for personal development and improvement, knowing through the natal chart which are our birth ‘challenges’ to overcome and the ‘potentials’ we have. All with the aim of facilitating our evolutionary process.

In the workshop the participation of each member is very open. There will be reading assignments each week that you can do on your free time for your analysis.

The aim of the workshop is to achieve a broad and possibly different understanding of what is known about astrology.

The format is 10 classes where articles are assigned for reading. On the weekend, at a time to be agreed, the participants can enter the Zoom session that is established to talk about the articles read. Everyone can express their opinion about it, points of view and so on and Eduardo will moderate the conversation and answer questions. The objective is to share information to see other’s points of view, and through the interchange improve the understanding of how things work.

This session can last between an hour and an hour and a half, depending on the participation. Once the session is over, the assignments for the following week are provided, and so on until the 10 sessions are completed.

Closing will be done on week 11 by Zoom where everyone can express what they got out of the workshop, goals achieved, experience and so on.

Miracles happen, not opposite to what nature is, but opposite to what we know of nature.
St Agustin – year 400 AC


week 1
Brief history and review on astrology
The Astrology of the XXI Century (3 articles)

week 2
How do I define who or what I am?
Natal characteristics and programming
Are we carbon or spiritual unit?
Have we lost our ability to discern?

week 3
Reviewing concepts about Energy, frequency, vibration

week 4
The relationship between the human body and astrology

week 5
The Universe, the solar system and Astrology
Magic, religion, science

week 6
Important cycles in astrology

week 7
Love, Sex and Astrology (3 articles)

week 8
About the natal chart

week 9
The zodiacal signs and the planets, their characteristics and particularities.
Planetary transits and Progressions

week 10
The eclipses

week 11
General comments by participants and wrap-up


The cost of the workshop is as follows:

$10 USD per class with a total of $100 USD per participant

You can start the workshop by paying the first 3 classes $30 USD and to continue the remaining $70 USD.
This allows flexibility to cancel if both the topics and the agenda of the workshop do not meet the expectations of the participant.





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